Saturday, 7 December 2013

20 Days of Christmas: Turkey


Trinidad and Tobago is a very diverse country. It's filled with people of different religions, race and/or ethnicity, sharing a common culture. Though Christmas is a Christian celebration of the birth of their Lord, it is celebrated by almost all families of all religions in Trinidad and Tobago. However, not everyone would eat the same things, for example, ham. Turkey is very popular who those who do not consume pork, and even with those who do. In my house, both ham and turkey are prepared for Christmas. If both are not prepared on Christmas day, the turkey is prepared on New Year's Day or some time during the holidays. Christmas Turkey is also often served with fresh hops bread, but less likely to be eaten with chow chow. I'm not the biggest turkey fan either; I usually find it dry and flavourless although I have had some relatively good ones in the past. I think it's based on how well it is prepared, for me. Turkey is just another one of those great smells at Christmas that brings a sort of inexplicable comfort and gives that feeling of "home".

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