Monday, 2 December 2013

24 Days of Christmas: Shandy Carib


Continuing with the theme of sorrel and beverages... Around Christmas and New Year, Shandy Carib becomes significantly more popular. Shandy (as we often call it) is a low-alcohol sweet beer beverage that comes in three flavours sorrel, ginger and lime. Sorrel is, of course, the most popular of the three, especially during the holiday season.
Shandy Carib is a tropical light alcoholic beverage (1.2% alc./vol.) that promises to refresh and excite the taste buds with local flavours.
The Brewery first introduced Shandy Carib in 1985. It was originally brewed in Ginger then followed by the Sorrel flavour. In November 1998, a Lime flavour was introduced to the Shandy Carib family.
The brand is seen as a cool, vibrant and fun beverage for social situations and relaxation – beach events, night clubs and lounges, family days and other social gatherings.
Shandy Carib is aimed at responsible young adults and the “young at heart,” who aspire to be trendy and cool, and are socially and physically active. “Change the Flavour of your Day” with Shandy Carib. (source)
When I was younger, I was huge fan of Shandy. A very cold one, like some people feel about beer, is still quite good. I prefer my good ol' sorrel without the beer, but I do have some fond memories involving a couple of bottles of Shandy. Shandy is sold year round, but is marketed (and sold) much more during the holiday season. Undoubtedly, if you have an ice cold one yourself, you'll understand why!

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