Thursday, 26 July 2018

Taking a break in 2017!

After the long, stressful semesters last year, I can't begin to express how amazing and relaxing these trips were.
At the end of my "summer" semester, I took a trip to Florida (The Keys, Orlando and Sunrise) with some friends. Most of our time in The Keys at my friend's wonderful aunt's house was spent relaxing, playing games, watching the sunrise and eating lots of munchkins (and other food). After this we drove to Orlando to hang out at some theme parks before I visited one other friend and headed back home.


All the iguanas! Not really, there was A LOT more!

Thai 💚

I ate all these munchkins by myself.

Delicious hard cider.

Very lightly seared salmon. Super yum.


Then I ate all these munchkins by myself too.

A very serious breakfast.

My first time having burrata, finally.
So good!


The ShakeStack

Matcha Boba

My favourite cute fish I met.

I like ciders.

Ramen and yummy milk tea.

Green-Jasmine Boba

I love me a good green curry.


Looking at these photos, and the ones that follow, I noticed a theme in the things I seem to like to eat. But to be fair, I do plan on finding particular types of food when I travel, particularly those ones that are hard to find or just completely not available back home like bubble tea, Korean BBQ, Thai and real ramen. And well, I just love a good, hearty breakfast!



And onto the much needed trip after my crazy semester where I built that restaurant model. My friend and I started talking about places we wanted to visit and I mentioned Vermont (for the cheese and maple syrup, haha). After doing some research, we realised that Vermont was actually a really good, affordable choice... We didn't hesitate much before we booked for just after Christmas!
When we got there... we were in for a surprise! There was unexpected December weather and temperatures dropped down to -21 Celcius in some instances. I got the stomach flu and was crazy sick, couldn't even eat, and my friend, Nadia, got the regular flu and was quite sick as well.

Greek platter! This was so good.

Ramen and Edamame

A perfect evening for Nadia and I.
We were taking a break from all the
walking and cold weather.
It started snowing lightly as we sipped
our tea and ate our delicious cakes at the
front facing window. So lovely.
Moments like these... 💟

Love my green curry.

New Years Eve - Was crazy sick with the stomach flu but forced
myself to dress and get out of the hotel. Worth it! So fun! :)

Beef Pho

The morning after we reached Boston (a detour on the Burlington trip), there was a blizzard! We were stormed in all day but it was actually a pretty nice day! We just chilled, ate, drank wine and watched movies with the curtains drawn so we could see the lovely snow.

Special shout out to this awesome friend of mine who I went on the trip with. We agreed we need to make sure we always have our own beds so we can both get sleep next time, haha. But it was an amazing experience and I'm glad to have shared it with you. And of course, while I encouraged you to try and showed you a lot of new things, you definitely encouraged me to do things for the better too! Can't wait for the next trip!