Monday, 9 December 2013

18 Days of Christmas: Danish Butter Cookies


I'm not sure why exactly these cookies are so popular around the holidays in Trinidad, but it is. I suppose this also counts as a dessert, or maybe a snack. During the holidays, grocery stores and even small parlours stock up on these little delights. Danish Butter Cookies are also sometimes given as a present or host(ess) gift. When the cookies are finished, many people use the tins to bake black cakes to then give as a present. I can't claim to know much about the history of these cookies and why they are associated with Christmas, but I am quite fond of them! We usually buy these cookies, I've never tried making them on my own. I think it is that way for most Trinidadians, because it's also not very expensive either. It is usually on sale for Christmas and even cheaper after Christmas.

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