Thursday, 14 February 2013

Three Years

Though I really love cooking (obviously), it's always really great to be cooked for, particularly when someone makes something special and well thought out, completely for you. You'll always be safe making me pasta, of course. I was very happy and satisfied with this meal put together by a very special person who put a lot of effort into preparing a lovely meal, and a wonderful day for me. Besides the lunch, I also got homemade pancakes for breakfast and bake and plantain (one of my absolute favourites) for dinner the night before.

Fettuccine Alfredo, Parmesan Chicken and a side salad with cranberries.

According to the chef, the "brookie". Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed fudge brownies.
I am forever grateful for the time and effort you put into doing lovely things for me, like preparing this meal. Also, thanks for a lovely three years. It's been brilliant.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Medford's Grill

Sometimes all we really want is slippers, shorts and a good home-cooked meal. But sometimes we don't have the time, energy or patience to cook a meal, and just feel like eating out. Of course, where we choose to go must have delicious food, or it defeats the purpose. "Homey" food is always supposed to be mouth-watering and comforting. That's where Medford's Grill comes in.
Medford's Grill has two locations, one primarily for their grill menu, and the other that serves local dishes as well as their (also brilliant) grill menu. The one I am referring to in this post is the latter, located just off the Medford flyover, right after the gas station (in the side street: Chan Ramlal Street). I enjoy eating there on a Saturday morning when they have a great selection of local and other dishes. It's designed as a fast food restaurant so there is no significant interaction between the customer and employees. However, they usually have a pleasant attitude and you are attended to promptly.

Pelau with Fresh Salad and, Curried Shrimp Box with Buss-Up-Shut

One of my favourite things to eat there is the pelau. It is one of the best I've had. We often have their curry and roti as well, which is also very good. In fact, everything I have tried from there has been pretty good thus far. It's definitely worth trying.
Some things may appear to be a little more expensive in comparison to other places, but they give you *a lot* of food, and you definitely get value for your money. Important to note is that they only accept CASH payments. However, conveniently, there is an ATM just behind the restaurant if you forgot to walk with your cash. The wide range of food makes it great for both the carnivores and herbivores... omnivores too. 😋
Parking is not always available outside the restaurant but the compound has a lot of other available spots for parking, so it's never really a problem.

Pelau with Fresh Salad and, Fried Rice, Potato Ball and Sauteed Broccoli

Some of the menu items include:

  • Pelau
  • Curried Chicken/Shrimp/Goat
  • Stewed Chicken
  • Fried Rice
  • Potato/Macaroni Salad
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Cole Slaw
  • Pepper Roti
  • Local Soups
  • (They always have fresh salad and pepper sauces available.)

Did I mention that they serve Crab and Dumplings?

Crab and Dumplings