Friday, 29 May 2015

GIROPizza, Trinidad

Authentic, brick-oven pizza has recently been becoming more popular in Trinidad and now we're at it again! Though we all can't forget our chains such as Mario's, Pizza Hut and Dominoes, with places like Buzo, La Cantina and Bacco serving up piping hot, thin crust brick oven pizza (made in 5 minutes), who can resist? Now we've got another small but lovely restaurant in a convenient location for those of us with a hankering for pizza and can't make it to POS or South.

GIROPizza is a small take-away only restaurant located at 94, Ramsaran St, Chaguanas. When I saw the (very few) raving reviews, I just had to try it! The ingredients are great, lots of options are available and the service is impeccable. They also have two sizes so if you're solo or eating with friends, you have options!

I'm surprised more people have not yet tried this pizza but it might be due to a few (disputable) factors. It's take-away only as the shop is quite small and only has enough space for the kitchen. While I agree that sitting and having the pizza as it comes out of the oven is always better, it doesn't change the fact that I really enjoyed it regardless. I had two slices in the car and another later on, each of those being quite good. I must admit that I preferred it hot though. The location might be a bit discouraging also because the address of "Edinburgh" is unfamiliar and may seem hard to find. It's not! The main road parallel to the north-bound side of the highway is a straight road and it's just on that road - no side streets, turn-offs or anything! So, why not try it or even call for delivery, you just might enjoy it. Update*** Giropizza has moved to Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas and now has a bigger, easier to find location.

Panna Cotta

The Gavia: mozzarella, tomato sauce, olives, goats' cheese, bruschetta.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Growing in New Orleans

New Orleans... what a blast! I had so many good times in the four short days I visited. I stayed in my first hostel and it was a positive, enlightening experience. I definitely made a good choice by staying at the Auberge NOLA hostel. It felt like I was visiting friends. There were always someone around ready to go out and have fun but also there was a lot of room if you wanted to be in solitude as well. As soon as I settled down into my bunk, I found friends. I spent a few nights out in the town until late night/early morning, something I definitely don't do in Trinidad. And guess what? I had the time of my life. There's something about being in a new place with new people that makes you feel free, comfortable and completely You. It's part of the reason I love traveling... I have always been shy, always fearful of being judged and as a result, restricting myself from doing a lot of things. My few travels thus far have helped me be a bit more confident and I am eager and excited to continue my journey.

Bourbon Street

NOLA streetcar!

Crawfish Boil!

Little street parade.


Sampler: jambalaya, red beans & rice,
fried chicken and shrimp creole.

Half and half: crawfish etouffee and fried crawfish.
Loved this dish!

Oysters, of course!

Fabulous bookshop!

Went a little crazy in the bookshop.

Fabulous shrimp and grits.

The last few pictures below is of an event that takes place called "Happy Thursdays", obviously on Thursdays. Hundreds of strangers hop on their bikes, dressed with as much colourful lights as you mind can imagine and ride through the city with music and drinks and just a whole lot of fun. I had forgotten how exhilarating riding a bike was... but doing it with hundreds of strangers on a beautiful night in New Orleans, now that is an experience! If you are in New Orleans, please make the time to do this. I guarantee you will not regret it!

In New Orleans, there is always something happening 24/7. I arrived on a Monday and there was so much to do, it's incredible. Live music, food, art... anything you want, they've got! I definitely enjoyed my time there and would love to return some day.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bonjour NOLA

You simply cannot visit New Orleans and not have beignets, right? I was so eager to try these after all I've heard about them. They are quite good. I can't say for sure that it was exactly what I expected but still good. I will share more about my trip later but for now, here's a glimpse of my adventure so far, eating beignets and strolling through the French Market!

The infamous Cafe Du Monde which serves up one of the world's best beignets, I had the privelege of enjoying. Yes, they were good, no, I didn't inhale all the powdered sugar! A word of advice, the hot chocolate with the beignets was a bit of a sweet overkill so have the cafe au lait instead. I don't drink coffee so I got that instead.
Beignets and hot chocolate at Cafe Du Monde.

The famous French Market in NOLA.

Fresh oysters!

Small selfie :D.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Brunch at Waldorf Astoria NY

It's practically the end of a wonderful week in New York (with the execption of one night before my return trip home in a few days) and it was an incredible end. Brunch at the Waldorf Astoria! What can I say except that it was an experience! The breakfast, lunch, seafood and dessert spreads were all equally inviting. I had the chance to try so many different items, each item surpassing the other, becoming more and more exquisite. I wish I had enough room to try more of the desserts however, but there was far too many to try and not enough space in m little stomach!

Of course the brunch is a bit pricey, but it was worth the experience - top notch service, food and atmosphere. It was simply a pleasure!

It's sad to say goodbye so soon, but it is certainly not goodbye forever. I enjoyed every moment of my time in New York, getting to know some family, trying some delicious foods and doing a little exploring. The trip isn't over yet though... I'm on my way in the morning to continue my adventure in New Orleans. I am pumped!