Sunday, 8 December 2013

19 Days of Christmas: Black Cake/Fruit Cake


Of course, the sweets are a must! What is a good holiday without some great desserts? In Trinidad, Black Cake or Fruit Cake is the most popular dessert around Christmas time. It is often baked and given to friends and other loved ones as a present or taken to parties as a host(ess) gift.

Black cake is a dense cake made with fruits and alcohol. To prepare Black Cake, fruits are soaked in rum or brandy for a long time before the actual cake is prepared, but can also be soaked for just a day or two. Most people soak their fruits for weeks or months in preparation for this dessert.
Lighter cakes containing fruit are also prepared around Christmas time. Those fruits (usually cherries and raisins) are not usually soaked in rum. Those are also popular around Christmas time.


If I say I'm not a big fan of black cake either, do I sound like an extremely picky eater? Or is Christmas food just not for me? Except sorrel... I love my sorrel.

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