Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happy Birthday Nick!

My brother celebrated his 24th birthday on Friday. I wanted to take him to Jaffa for lunch but unfortunately, I couldn't find the time to leave work. He still celebrated there with my our sister and his girlfriend, and though I was unable to attend, I'm happy he was able to experience it. We did celebrate together with the rest of the family yesterday night, however. We went to dinner at Angelo's Italian, which is one of his favourites. I thought it'd be nice to share the photos.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Afternoon Tea at Cinammon

I'm beginning to see why afternoon tea is such a wonderful idea. Beside the obvious reasons of food and well, tea/coffee, it's an activity that's good for catching up with friends or having brilliant conversation with great company. I really enjoy spending time, having tea, and enjoying the lovely treats that accompany it.

Tea at Cinammon (at Hyatt Regency, Trinidad) is quite nice. Everything looks and tastes great, and the portion sizes are perfect. There were many different tea and coffee options, as well as hot chocolate which I unfortunately did not get a photo of. I also didn't manage to get a photo of the savoury plate, but I will be returning and taking some more photos. It's near the waterfront, overlooking the ocean, and nothing beats a great view!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

High Tea at Jaffa

I think Jaffa is becoming one of my favourites. I always enjoy (and seize) the opportunity to visit and indulge in their fine selection of food (and drink). Yesterday I visited Jaffa for afternoon tea (again). It was brilliant, as is every visit to Jaffa, anyway. I was having a bit of a stressful day yesterday, to say the least. The time out and the great company turned my mood around in no time, however, and tea definitely promotes relaxation and stress relief. But, nothing beats good conversation and a few laughs, which I am ever grateful for. On stressful days, the little things really count, and remind you of their greatness.

I must admit, the clotted cream is definitely worth going back for again and again. Their scones are great... warm, crumbly on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Perfect!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Mighty Cow


I've been thinking a bit about steak recently. I am planning to make a trip to Prime soon - just haven't gotten around to it - and was wondering about the different types of steaks. I have an idea of some types and the difference among them, but my knowledge was/is quite limited. I found some great photos and charts that helped to explain, and though it isn't a complete lesson, it seems like a great thing to share.