Sunday, 3 March 2013

Salmon Cream Pasta

I mentioned that I love being cooked for, right? Well, especially after a long day of work and school, coming home to find something that tastes great, prepared especially for me, is awesome.
My sister made me dinner on this night: Cream pasta (not Alfredo) with pink salmon and bacon-wrapped rosemary shrimp.

Salmon Cream pasta, bacon-wrapped rosemary shrimp and homemade pesto.

I'll ask her to write up a recipe soon so I can add it as a guest post.
It was fantastic, by the way. The pesto was a really great touch, she picked the basil leaves from her garden. She's been spending a lot of time recently building up a garden. She's actually working quite hard at it and enjoying the rewards. The dill (garnish and in the cream sauce) was from her garden, as well the rosemary in the shrimp.
Thanks so much for dinner, Amy!

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