Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chaud Cafe and Wine Bar

What I had here... THIS was a meal! Wow. Everything we've tried here has been brilliant... Even the fries. The fries! Best. Fries. Ever.

Best fries with arugula mayo, fried calamari with roasted pepper dip.

Chaud Cafe and Wine Bar, located at One Woodbrook Place is a friendly environment with amazing food at affordable prices. They have a variety of cuisines varying from pasta, sandwiches, soups and more. The soup of the day is a fantastic deal, and always the two different ones I've tried (so far) are quite good. The mussels soup was quite good, when dipped with the bread, it was amazing!

Mussels Soup with Toast and Herb Butter

I did notice something however, which I thought was worth mentioning. I saw some reviews by local (well-known) food bloggers from Chaud Cafe. The quality (and quantity) of food seemed to surpass what they actually serve to customers who might not be advertising for them. Or maybe they just choose who they want to serve in a particular way. For example, our scallops dish was significantly different from the one seen on the local food blog previously mentioned. It's unfortunate especially if an individual sees the photos and decides to try the restaurant based on that. They may be disappointed. I think it would be a good idea to acknowledge it on my next visit.
Regardless, the food is still very good, and the portions are quite good, especially for the quality of food and the prices. The soup of the day, for example, is TTD$30.00 (plus Service Charge and VAT). The mussels soup was very flavourful and included pieces of mussels, which is quite exceptional for the price.

Seared Scallops (with guava sauce), cheesy grits and sweet potato hash on top.

The restaurant never seems to be overly crowded so the service is always speedy and efficient. The servers are also quite friendly and willing to assist you with anything you need. Good service is a big plus in my book. Parking is readily available at One Woodbrook; the restaurant is just above the south carpark.

Smoked Salmon open-faced Sandwich

The steak salad... Wow. I had already started before I took the picture because it looked and smelled so good. And when I tasted it... Perfect to my specifications and properly seasoned (salt), which makes quite the difference. Most definitely one of the best salads I've ever had.

Steak Salad

You can't go wrong with Hot Chocolate. And at TTD$12.00...

Hot Chocolate

It's quite unfortunate that I am yet to try dessert... But I will be soon, and I will be posting. We just get a bit excited and order a lot of food and eventually become too full to have dessert. But, we won't allow that to happen next time!

Mushroom Ragout Pasta

The pasta was not bad. I love pasta and have tried so many different pastas, so it takes a really great pasta to impress me. This pasta did not do it. The ingredients were fresh and a good choice as a vegetarian option, but I probably would not have the pasta again. I did not say it was bad though, just not the best.

Overall Experience: Fantastic quality, quantity and taste.
Will I return?: Tomorrow, maybe? Those fries are calling my name!

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