Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Special Birthday Lunch

Last week was the birthday of someone very near and dear to me. It only made sense to cook a great lunch in order to show my appreciation, as I knew that was something the person would appreciate as well. And he did, he enjoyed it very much (thankfully), and enjoyed the leftovers the next day. My sister indulged a little in it, and was delighted.
It consisted of a simple seven courses. However, time did not allow for proper food styling for the pictures or presentation, so I worked with the time I had. I did not want to keep him waiting, really. Here's what I prepared!

The first course was the Appetizer, which was a crostini made using a fresh baguette I got from the bakery, cream cheese, pink salmon that was briefly broiled, capers, and fresh dill from my sister's garden.

The second course was the Soup: Light onion soup in a beef broth.

The third course was the Salad. My version of a Caprese BLT. I'd normally add basil but he would not have liked it. It's skewers of tomato pieces (couldn't find cherry tomatoes or I would've used that), soy mozzarella cubes, turkey bacon, arugula from the garden as well (as the lettuce) and an olive oil, balsamic vinegar dressing.

The fourth course was Seafood (and pasta). I made a spicy pumpkin pasta with sauteed lime shrimp.

The fifth course was a Palate Cleanser (especially because the seafood was spicy). It was a frozen lemon-pine cocktail (with a little vodka).

The sixth course was the Meat. I prepared a creamy cauliflower puree, mustard glazed rosemary lamb chops and a side of garlicky green beans.

Finally, the last course was Dessert. I contemplated making a lot of different things including a coconut-pine panna cotta or homemade tiramisu but I did not have the time to do those things, so I cheated a little with cupcakes. He likes pina coladas, so I made a cupcake around those flavours sans the rum because he shared with young siblings. It was a pineapple flavoured batter with a bit of pine jelly in the center with a coconut infused buttercream and dessicated coconut. And of course, like every good pina colada, a cherry on top.

I had a blast preparing this meal, even though it was time consuming and quite tiring. I'm excited to make more meals like this for people who'd enjoy it.

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