Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lemon/Lime Water

My first mug of warm lemon/lime water.

As we get one year older and we reflect on our lives, we realize... I'm one year older! I'm no longer a teenager, and I can't keep acting like one. Birthdays are great for self reflection and like New Year's Day, it's a day when we make resolutions. Some health resolutions maybe?
Lemon water is something we've read about or at least seen around the Internet, on TV etc. People talk about the numerous health benefits and why it's a great alternative to so many beverages. I can't vouch for it until I have used it for a while, but why not try it out? It can't hurt and it's a small step toward living a healthier life. And yes, I will incorporate diet and exercise too. 
Read the hundreds of articles and testimonials for lemon water, then try it yourself! Don't forget to read the precautions too!


Made a great healthy breakfast as well, same ingredients, two ways: fruit and yogurt cups and a fruit and yogurt breakfast smoothie. And I decided to stock up on some ingredients as well!

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