Sunday, 5 May 2013

Afternoon Tea

4pm always seems like such a wonderful time to have tea. It really is the perfect time of day. After work, time to relax and unwind. Why not? And nothing's better than a cup of tea to make you feel at ease.
Felt a bit snackish recently and bought a little treat from The Happy Gourmet at Valpark Shopping Plaza. It's a new gourmet store in the East (FINALLY!), that's well stocked and quite reasonable. I bought my snacks and had the leftovers next day with some tea.
I don't have the time for making homemade treats these days since exams are near. Tea is also great during studying or when you're on a break and just need to ease your mind.


  1. What a lovely tea set you have there =) I can't wait to visit that store one day myself.

    1. Thank you! =) We'll go together soon!