Monday, 13 May 2013

Trinidad Callaloo

One great thing about living in Trinidad and Tobago is the fabulous local foods. From "Doubles" to "Pelau" and everything in-between, you are bound to adore at least some of it. There are quite a lot of foods from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands that I absolutely love, and others I pretty much can't stand. However, my taste has evolved over the years and continues to evolve.

One dish that I thoroughly enjoy within recent years is "Callaloo". Callaloo is basically a type of soup (though it is not often considered so, locally) that is mainly comprised of "dasheen bush" or taro leaves, ochroes or okra, seasoning, and in some cases, coconut milk. It is more traditionally made with coconut milk, but many prefer it without this ingredient. Sometimes it is also made with seafood or salted meats (such as pig tails) to add a different level of flavour. (I prefer the plain.)

I am almost ashamed to announce that though I have consumed so many different callaloos, I am yet to make my own. It was somewhat an intimidating thing for me. In fact, I am quite nervous about preparing a lot of local dishes, particularly because of the high expectations I have for these dishes. Callaloo is actually not difficult to make however, so don't punk out like me.

Here's a video tutorial via Caribbean Pot which is a site I really like. The author features lots of great recipes from the Caribbean islands including that of Trinidad and Jamaica. He offers video tutorials on YouTube as well as written recipes on his website. Check him out!

Callaloo is often served over white rice or with casserole dishes such as macaroni pie, corn pie or coo-coo. (I'll write more about those later.) However, I prefer a big bowl with just a spoon and maybe a little pepper! While callaloo is not aesthetically appealing, your taste buds will surely not be disappointed. So try making your own, if you haven't already - it's healthy, easy and delectable!


  1. I had callaloo last week :D I think it's better with coconut milk.

  2. time to overcome your fear.....I know you'll surprise even yourself.