Sunday, 12 May 2013

Rocky Roads

Cooking isn't always perfect. Sometimes it's really terrible. Sometimes bad things happen to good people! That last part was probably a little dramatic but I've always been quite critical (of myself), and when mistakes happen, my emotions (about the mistake) tend to spiral out of control, sometimes.

While making pies recently, I had a little leftover dough and decided to use it to make a jam tart. However, I did not take the time to properly seal the dough and a lot of the jam spilled out. It was pretty much a disaster. As you can see, the jam caramelized quite a bit. However, there was still a bit of jam in the pie and without the mess around it, it was not bad at all. I did attempt to look on the bright side for this particular situation. The jam inside was also exposed to the heat (since it wasn't sealed) and the texture changed completely. It had a chewier, taffy-like texture that I actually quite liked. I'll probably be paying more attention to these fine details next time, even if it's just a by-the-way dish.

It's difficult when we make mistakes. It does not necessarily have to be with regard to food, any mistake, some of us struggle, more than others, to regain our courage to continue. It's extremely demotivating and feelings of failure sometimes overwhelm us. I think I used to have a hard time dealing with mistakes of any kind. However, I have been learning to change that mindset, and react differently to mistakes. It happens. It's inevitable. I'm trying this new thing where I learn from my mistakes and try again until I get it right. I think that's pretty great...

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