Monday, 4 November 2013

Meatless Monday: Vodka-Cream Pasta

(I know it's not the best photo but I made it on a whim, and I was hungry!
Okay, it's a bad photo! lol)

It looks like regular ol' pasta, doesn't it? There's something special about adding alcohol to dishes. The taste is never distinct but the flavour is incredible. Vodka-cream pasta is one of the first pasta dishes I've made, and one of the best. It's quite simple to achieve such impressive flavour as well.
The first recipe I used was more of a guide, like a lot of the recipes I try (except baking). The sequence of steps in particular was a little different for me, similar to the second recipe I found. And if you're pressed for time, you can even use (good quality) canned pasta sauce, and you can have a fabulous meal in 10-15 minutes. Just add a little pasta sauce, vodka, butter and cream, and simmer until your pasta is cooked. Add the pasta to the sauce, top with a little parmesan, and ready! Some fresh basil, or other add-ins such as veggies or protein would make this even more hearty (and delicious)!

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