Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Joshua's on the Corner

Once again, I have neglected my blog. Christmas is near, work has been hectic, and I have been tired. Even though I may have been cooking (and obviously eating), I have not made the time to write about any of it. Maybe things might pick up in the new year. It's quite weird to say that... this year just disappeared so quickly. One new place I've tried recently for dinner is Joshua's on the Corner (Corner Tragarete Road and French Street). 
Though the restaurant is quite small, it's more cozy than clustered. The glass doors and windows also make the space seem larger. The food was priced quite reasonably and tasted good. However, I cannot claim that it was particularly special or superior in taste or quality. The portions were quite large though, and the service was impeccable!

They were very attentive and anything we asked for, we were very well responded to. And how cute that they just put a little piece of parsley on everything to make it "look nice", even the little extra butter we requested. It's especially a nice place to have lunch if you work in the area. I was informed that they also offer breakfast. Maybe I might try them for breakfast; the service, if anything, was worth it.

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