Sunday, 16 March 2014

Product Review: Frank's Hot Sauce

Some years ago, my parents brought back a bottle of Frank's hot sauce after a visit to New York. It was instant love: the mild spice from the cayenne and the wonderful tang from the vinegar... and who doesn't want to eat food that's so vibrantly orange?
This hot sauce is obviously nothing like our local hot sauce. It's far more similar to Tabasco than our regular scotch bonnet or habanero type very hot pepper sauce. While I've always been a fan of our local pepper sauce - it compliments a lot of our dishes very well - I also adore the orange, vinegary type of hot sauce as well. If you like a little tang, you'll love Frank's. Frank's is the gold star in buffalo sauces; most buffalo recipes that call for hot sauce, call for Frank's in particular. It's a very versatile sauce, and though I am yet to try all the varieties, I do really like the ones I have tried. Like I mentioned in my last post, you can put Frank's on anything and it'll taste great! Buffalo everything!
Frank's themselves have a lot of recipes on their website, but you can find a lot of delicious recipes using Frank's everywhere on the Internet.

Here's a few great recipes using this product:

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