Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hello New York!

Times Square, of course.

It's vacation time for me again! I have not been to New York since I was a child, about nine years old. I'm excited to be visiting again - visiting some family, exploring, eating and simply enjoying the gift of life. Traveling now is so different from as a child. We see things we would not be able to see as a child, and feel a greater appreciation for the little things - the beautiful weather, the landscapes, architecture, art, people, food and culture. From my visit as I child, the only thing I remember is Disney World and the beautiful moon-roof in my uncle's attic. The rest of it is quite vague. You care about different things as an adult. I am grateful to have the time and freedom to leave Trinidad and experience different places.

My nephew Noah and I.

Beautiful tulips!

Must have pizza!
By the way, I must mention, I went to Dunkin' Donuts and had their munchkins! I guess Donut Boys in Trinidad ripped it off long ago as munchies and that's why they stopped making it? I went on a slight rant about munchies a few posts ago, so it's why it was important to mention this. I love me some munchkins though! Cake donuts all the way!

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