Friday, 9 May 2014

Donut Boys' Munchies


So I've been searching for the perfect donut recipe to make for my friend who has a craving. Though I did not yet find that perfect recipe, it reminded me of something that I've had a problem with for a while now. Munchies. Recently, Donut Boys (part of the Pizza Boys/Burger Boys company) announced that "Munchies" were back. I was ecstatic. Seriously... ecstatic. Munchies were a favourite treat for my siblings and I when were growing up. We never really cared much about the donuts, it was the munchies we were always excited for. Even a bit before they announced that they were back, I remember talking to some people about it. Problem was... No one remembered! How could no one remember munchies? (Except my family, of course. They all remember.) We would sometimes have pizza and always munchies after, sometimes before. And sometimes we would just get munchies for the hell of it. They had a couple flavours including blueberry (the best one, in my opinion), strawberry, vanilla and I can't remember exactly what else. I ran (not literally) to Donut Boys (in Ritual's) to get my munchies. Only... they weren't munchies; not the munchies we knew and loved, not the cakey, different-flavoured, absolutely brilliant munchies we remembered. These were donut holes! The same exact thing as their regular donuts, only really small (and sometimes a bit stale too). How could they call these things munchies? Why did they even stop making munchies in the first place? What on earth did they do with that recipe? It was horrendously disappointing. You may think I'm being dramatic, and I might be, but if you had those munchies as a child, you would be disappointed too. Such fond memories.
My goal now is to make myself some munchies. If I can't get them at Donut Boys - since they're passing off donut holes as munchies - I'll simply have to make them myself. Hopefully it doesn't take me too long to figure it out. Until then, I'll make some lovely cake donuts and hope they compensate. Maybe some yeast donuts too. We'll see... I'll decide and I'll definitely share it next time.

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