Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

2013 was a challenging but good year. I've got a whole new year, with opportunities for whole new experiences, ahead of me and I am going to try to make the very best of it. I've only got a few resolutions, trying to keep them all as realistic as possible.
  • I am going to work on my writing style; there's quite a bit of room for improvement.
  • I will try more new recipes, and accept more challenging ones.
  • I will be more consistent in my writing, as long as I have the time and opportunity. I'll also try to make more time, when possible.
  • I will work on my food photography and styling.
  • I will travel more often, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
I received a wonderful late Christmas present to help me out with some of those resolutions and I'm super excited about it.

This book also contains practical exercises at the end of each chapter so I can put what I learn to immediate use. And what better way to improve other than doing?

In my last post, I spoke about passions: children, travelling and food. I mentioned before that this combination of things can easily be transformed into a more fulfilling life - charity! Travelling and doing good for people, which will not only be fulfilling because of personal passions but also because of that incredible sense of fulfillment that you get from doing charity. However, I can't do it as much as I would like to... Yet! Once I have the opportunity however, I will be giving more, trying to create happiness and children's lives, as they do for me so often.
There are quite a few things on my list of things to make this year, and I'll try to get as much of them done as I can. Included in this list are quite a few vegan and raw recipes, as well as perfecting some classic recipes. I don't intend on trying to finish it all in one year... The end of the year or the duration is not final. I would simply like to try a little harder and do a little better in everything I do.
Happy New Year!!!

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