Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abercrombie Tea House

Wednesdays are the usual tea days and though I visited Hilton today for afternoon tea, I won't be writing about that visit myself. My favourite tea buddy will be writing it for me (he seems to have strong feelings about it, lol). For today, I'll write about my visit to the cutest little tea house located on the St. Joseph's Convent, Port-of-Spain, compound. The public entrance (and easier parking in the street) is located on the road behind the school: Abercromby Street, as the name obviously suggests, just North of Park Street. They carry an assortments of SMAKS Bespoke Teas as well as regular teas such as Lipton, and they serve them all day, Monday-Saturday! So, you don't always have to wait for afternoon tea, or Wednesdays/Fridays, depending on where you're going. They also serve an assortment of baked goods including scones and cheesecake, as well as pastas and sandwiches. It's more than just a tea house, it's like a little cafe!

The atmosphere at Abercrombie Tea House is quite friendly and welcoming, beautifully decorated, and the service is great. The teas and the sweets were quite delicious. Unfortunately, they had no clotted cream, but the cranberry scones were yummy on their own; I love dried cranberries! I have not yet tried their food, but it's definitely a place I would soon be returning to. Oh, and free Wifi!!!

Oh and they had the cutest tiny utensils too!

The entrance makes you feel like you're entering a secret club!

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