Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Foodening

Saturday Lunch: V & J Brahaus

Let me tell you (or show you) a little about my weekend. This weekend was dedicated to food, for the most part anyway. I feel as though I can't write all about it, at least not right now. I'll speak about them all separately (each day, that is) soon, but for now, I would like to share my pictures, partly for me, but also for anyone who is reading (if anyone at all) because the memories I have of this weekend are far more significant that these photos. But photos always help!
Recently I have been thinking a great deal about where I am in my life at present, who I am and the people that I share my life with. I may have lost quite a bit of motivation recently, a month or two ago, but I'm beginning to feel inspired again. I am far more organized, which is the starting point for most things in my life, but I am also enjoying the fact that I have been making great impulsive decisions - not only recreational, but with work and other aspects of my life. I have changed more than I expected over the past few years; the way I think and act is completely different. I'm also different emotionally and my values have bent a bit as well - some of it good, some of it I'm not as happy with. Changing things you don't like about yourself is often easier said than done. I do remember what I want, though. I remember where I want to be in my life, now, and in the future. Despite my demotivation, I refuse to let it stop me from living my life exactly the way I want - exactly the way I planned.

Enough about the way I feel (apparently I've been writing way too much about that recently). Hopefully I don't regret writing the things I write (my feelings) in the future. Take a look at the brilliant Foodening weekend now!

Friday Dinner : Prime
Ribeye Filet (10oz.) with Port Wine Truffle Sauce

Friday Dinner : Prime
Steamed Broccoli with Hollandaise

Friday Dinner : Prime
Delmonico Ribeye (16oz) with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Friday Dinner : Prime
BEST Truffle Mac and Cheese

Saturday Lunch : V & J Brahaus
Brahaus Schnitzel with Pan-Fried Potatoes

Sunday Brunch : Restaurant Chaud
Blood Orange Mimosa

Sunday Brunch : Restaurant Chaud
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin, Mixed Fruit and Yoghurt

Sunday Brunch : Restaurant Chaud
Shirred Eggs, Bacon and Brioche

Sunday Brunch : Restaurant Chaud
Stewed Oxtail & Dumplings, Shark with Shadon Beni Aioli

Banana Cream (actually, meringue) Pie

These are just some of the photos. There are just a few more from brunch in particular that I will share a bit later.
As great as this Foodening was, the inspiration for the name, and the memories I now have of this last "Summer" weekend is much more. It was brilliant, and that's an understatement.

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