Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nouvelle Lunch at TTHTI

Finally I've made my way to TTHTI to try their Nouvelle Lunch. I'm so glad I did. The prices are incredible for the quality of ingredients used in the food, and it's great to support the students, the upcoming chefs and other staff members. I've been wanting to try their food for a while but never seemed to make the time. Now that I have, I have more confidence in the quality of education at the institute as the students seemed to put together quite the feast.

First course at lunch: pressed foie gras with sauternes, rose & hibiscus gelée
and walnut brioche.

Second course: shrimp sachet in saffron broth.

Third course: oven roasted red fish with "eggplant caviar".

Fourth course: smoked scallops, pickled grilled mushrooms, black bean salsa,
chili cumin oil and orange-carrot reduction.

Fifth course: ravioli of chicken and foie gras, sautéed onions with tarragon
and thyme meat jus.

Second option - Beef roulade stuffed with mushrooms and bell peppers,
red onion and zucchini chips with puree of provision medley.

Last course/dessert! White chocolate lace poached pears, amaretto jelly in
phyllo pastry and burnt orange grand marnier parfait with cardamom sugar
and dill sponge with fruit compote.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the palate cleanser, and by the time I remembered, I was almost done. Those ginger-brandy snaps were so good.

Watermelon sorbet and ginger-brandy snaps.

I have minor criticisms but nothing worth mentioning. What's worth mentioning is that the food, service and entire experience was wonderful and I definitely think any and everyone should give it a try. The kitchen is usually well prepared to meet special dietary needs as well. I'll definitely be visiting in the near future.

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