Sunday, 22 June 2014

Eating Like A Local

Recently I met up with a couple of foreigners who I unfortunately did not get to spend a lot of time with. However, the time we did spend, we spoke about food, obviously. At first it was difficult to think of Trinidad's food, what we eat and what's uniquely ours. Trinidad comprises so many different types of people and so many different types of cuisine that it was difficult to think of something that represents us all. After naming one thing, I could think of another and then the list just began to flow.
It's no secret we love to eat in Trinidad and that's exactly the reason why we're so inventive and every thing that leaves our kitchen is always full of flavour. I decided to write this partly to remind myself, so the next time someone ask what they should eat when they visit Trinidad, maybe I'll be able to recommend. Not all of it is completely unique to Trinidad but if you want to eat like a local, it's a good start!


Black Pudding

Coconut Bake and Saltfish Buljol/Smoked Herring

Doubles | Aloo Pie | Baiganee | Saheena | Pholourie

Pepper Roti

Bake & Plantain



Curried Chicken/Beef/Goat/Duck/ Shrimp Roti | Channa and Aloo | Pumpkin | Curried Mango | Anchar | Mother-in-law | Pepper Sauce

*Curried Cascadura

Sunday Lunch: Stewed Beans | Stewed Chicken | Provisions | Macaroni Pie

Corn Soup

Geera Chicken/Pork

Chicken/Pig Foot Souse

Vegetable Curries or Chokas | Bodi | Cabbage/Cauliflower | Ochro | Caraille | Baigan | Tomato

Oil Down


Oxtail/Cow Heel Soup

Fish Broth

Crab & Dumpling

Shark & Bake


BBQ Pigtail*


*Local Ice Creams | Coconut, Rum & Raisin



Sweet Bread

Sugar Cake | Benne Ball | Toolum | Tamarind Ball

Mango/Plum/Pine Chow

Oysters Cocktail


Local Fruit | Pommecythere, Chennette



Peanut/Beetroot/Channa Punch*

Coconut Water*

Carib | Stag | Shandy

Seasonal (October-January)

Divali Feast* with Sweets

Black/Fruit Cake


Sorrel Drink

Garlic Pork

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