Friday, 1 June 2012

Welcome To My Blog

Hey! If I'm lucky enough to have you as a reader, here's a little more about my blog and why I'm blogging.

The main purpose of my blog is to keep track of my own art, craft and recipes I've tried, and also share links to all the fun things I discover online, particularly craft and recipe. I adore crafting and cooking, reading and just creating... which are few of the things that make me really happy. Most of my posts would be a crafty idea or recipe that I have already tried, and I'll post pictures of my version. Hopefully my blog would be enjoyable and maybe valuable.
I know a lot of persons have misconceptions of blogging in general. Some people think that someone may blog because of conceit or for the purpose of popularity. It's not necessarily that way. I like the idea of blogging because it's a fantastic forum to talk about and share the things that we love. It's a great way to share new ideas and to discover people who share the same passion, or simply do what you do, just for the fun of it. 
Blogging is a great experience whether one person views your page or you have hundreds of followers. It's just not about what other people think of you, your blog and what you can do, but it's a personal experience that should be enjoyed by everyone! 
I never really had the time before, and I'm not sure how consistent this blog would be, but I'm starting again, no strings attached!

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